Going There

There are few subjects that polarize Americans more than abortion, but I’m going there.  I don’t think there is much point in talking about the subject because people on both sides are unlikely to change their minds.  I know the issue seems very clear-cut to me and can’t imagine why people on the other side don’t see it the same way.  No doubt they feel the same.

Michele Bachmann has predicted that the elections in November will end the right to a legal abortion within a year.  I think it’s mildly amusing that she thinks it will end abortion.  Sorry, Michele, making it illegal won’t end it, it will just mean more women will die.  Which fits right in with your “we will stand for life” statement, right?

If she was really concerned about life there are so many things she could be doing.  What about making sure all citizens have health care?  That would certainly save lives.  What about reducing the pollution in our air and water, making our food supply safer and ensuring all children are vaccinated?  That would save many needless deaths.  What about helping to feed the children of the world who are starving at the staggering rate of 15 million per year?  Or maybe those children don’t count since they are already born.

The only sure way to reduce the number of abortions is to make sure every pregnancy is a planned one.  We should increase sex education, make contraception available and affordable to all, fund research into better contraception, and empower girls. 

So Michele irks me with her hypocrisy, but I’m not too concerned about her prophecy that the Supreme Court will repeal Roe v Wade.  I don’t think the country would stand for it.  It would be like repealing the Voting Rights Act (yes, I know some Republicans would like to do that as well.)  The right’s desire to return us to the 1950’s will never happen.

To me, the abortion argument comes down to this:  No one has the right to use another person’s body without their permission.  That’s it.  The woman must consent or the fetus is out of there.  It has no rights until it can live on its own outside the womb.  Women are not incubators.  We are not slaves. 

I do respect that other people have different opinions, even if I don’t fully grasp why.  I absolutely agree that if you think abortions are morally wrong you shouldn’t have one.  But I fail to see why your belief should impact my behavior.

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