While I Was Gone

In October my mother was hospitalized and received a diagnosis that no one ever wants to hear. This knocked my world off its axis, not surprisingly. It is made more complicated because we live so far apart and our relationship, while unwavering in its love, is sometimes difficult.

I won’t go into any details because of privacy concerns, but the amount of conflicting information, errors and inconclusive test results frequently makes me want to hit something.

I’ve found it hard to concentrate on anything other than my mother, but have realized that I need an outlet for my frustration. I am hoping that this blog will provide that.

I’m going to write about whatever strikes my fancy, which will mean a lot of ranting. It will include some political diatribes, because as hard as I try I can’t avoid hearing the idiotic things politicians say. It may also include rants about things I read on FaceBook or Twitter, things I see in my town and the dog that shits in my flower bed (I will try to restrain myself from that last one.) I promise to not post cute cat photos or yummy recipes, though. I actually like both of those things, but I think they’re already adequately covered on the internet.

Happy New Year.

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