I read a couple of things today that I think are worth sharing.  The first is by one of my favorite authors, Jasper Fforde.  It’s from his book Thursday Next: First Among Sequels.  It’s about astrology, which is why I used the Taurus clip art (certainly the most appropriate of the signs when talking about pseudoscience.)  A character announces it is her birthday and then says:

Listen to what it says in the horoscopes: “If it is your birthday, there may be an increased amount of mail.  Expect gifts, friendly salutations from people and the occasional surprise.  Possibility of cake.”  That’s so weird–I wonder if any of it will come true. 

The next is from an article in Skeptical Inquirer, an excellent magazine I read cover to cover each month.  Harriet Hall wrote a review of Michael Shermer’s new book, The Believing Brain.  She includes this quote from Shermer which explains skepticism beautifully:

“I’m a skeptic, not because I do not want to believe, but because I want to know.  How can we tell the difference between what we would like to be true and what is actually true?  The answer is science.”


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