Five Favorites

Every morning after I check my email and skim the news headlines, I go to these five websites.  I’ve written about most of them before, but thought I’d combine them in one post to make it easier to check them out.

1.  Pharyngula (PZ Myers)  A comprehensive site that covers all the news in skepticism and atheism, as well as cool science stories, updated frequently.  Be sure to read the comments, there are some fascinating discussions.

2.  The Friendly Atheist (Hemant Mehta)  For all the news related to atheism, updated frequently.

3.   Bad Astronomy (Phil Plait)  For the latest astronomical news, with gorgeous pictures, updated often.

4.  Skepchick  Skepticism from a female perspective, updated frequently.

5.  Science Based Medicine News from the world of medicine from people who know what they’re talking about, updated once per weekday.

There are many other wonderful skeptic/atheist/science sites out there, of course, these five just happen to be my current favorites.  There’s a lot of overlap between the sites, but it is interesting to read the different perspectives (no, everyone doesn’t always agree–shocking, I know.)

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