Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by today.  Unfortunately it was before I got up, so I didn’t get to open the door and do my zombie impression for them.  “Braiiinsss… braiinsss… Oh, I see you’re Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Never mind then.”  We don’t get many JW here, it’s mainly Mormons.  And meat salesmen.

They did leave me a Watchtower flyer, of course.  This one is advertising the convention that will be held in Dayton, Ohio in July.  I have to admire the JW dedication if they actually came all the way from Dayton (3+ hours away) to hand out flyers.  If they are local, I admire their sense of optimism if they think people will be jumping at the chance to go to Dayton for [anything] a religious conference.

The front of the piece says “Will Humans Ruin This Earth?”  My immediate response was, “As opposed to the other Earth?”  Just seems a weird way to put it.  Not that I disagree with the sentiment.   Certainly we are causing a lot of damage to our planet.  It seems like our response to this differs, however.  Instead of limiting our dependence on fossil fuels and developing new, cleaner ways of producing energy, demanding cleaner air and water and so forth, apparently the JW are just fine with us destroying the Earth (sorry, THIS Earth) because “this planet will soon be transformed into a paradise.”  They offer to teach you how you can qualify to live in that paradise.

I’m not sure how to qualify, not having been to the lecture, but I’m pretty sure you have to be white, heterosexual and fertile judging from the picture of the happy family in the meadow on their literature.  I’m also fairly certain their idea of paradise does not mesh with mine.

I was intrigued to read that they are going to have a Bible drama on Friday, a modern-day drama on Saturday and a full-costume Bible drama on Sunday.  I had no idea JW were into cosplay.   I bet all the women want to be Mary Magdalene or the Queen of Sheba.  Adam and David would be popular among the men, Judas not so much.

There’s a box at the bottom of the page that you can check to receive a copy of their book What Does the Bible Really Teach?  You are prompted to indicate which language you would like it in.  I am tempted to write in “Reality” but I don’t think they’d understand.

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