Skeptics on Twitter

I wasn’t interested in Twitter until I got an iPad.  Then I found that I could read my Twitter feed while I walked on the treadmill and it was a great way to catch up on news and make the time fly.  I hardly ever tweet myself, and don’t follow personal friends or family (I keep in touch with them on Facebook or through email.)

The people I follow are mainly people who are involved in the skepticism/atheist or science world and have something interesting to say.  It’s a quick way to see what the breaking stories are and to get a feel for the reaction to them.  Unfortunately some wonderful people are just not adept at using Twitter (it can be tough to limit yourself to 144 characters.)

Since I’m new at this, I’m sure there are many more people who are worth following, but here are some of the best that I have found so far:

NASA @NASA  (a must if you are interested in space/astronomy, many different Twitter accounts to follow for various programs like Cassini and Hubble as well as individual astronauts, often include links to amazing photos)

Science @science (several tweets a day with links to new science related stories from

Adam Savage @donttrythis (from Mythbusters, leading Skeptic, quite funny)

Phil Plait @BadAstronomer (includes links to his blog posts)

Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson (doesn’t tweet often, but always worth reading)


P.Z. Myers @pzmyers (includes links to his blog posts)

Scientific American @sciam (links to articles on the website)

Teller @mrteller (from Penn & Teller, I had no idea he was so funny)

Penn Jillette @pennjillette

Stephen Fry @stephenfry (so very British, leading atheist)

Tim Minchin @timminchin (Australian comic & musician, atheist)

Rebecca Watson @rebeccawatson (from and Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe)

Amy Davis Roth @SurlyAmy (from, artist)

Dr. Rachael Dunlop @DrRachie   (Australian, from the Skeptic Zone)

Simon Singh @SLSingh (British scientist)

Skepdude @skepdude (creator of Vaccine Times, atheist)

Trine Tsouderos  @ChicagoScience  (science reporter at Chicago Tribune)

Hemant Mehta @hemantmehta (The Friendly Atheist)

Doctor Atlantis @doctoratlantis (host of Monster Talk, skeptic)

Brian Dunning @briandunning (host of Skeptoid)

D.J. Grothe @DJGrothe (president of JREF)

Tracy King @tkingdoll (organizer of TAM London, produced Tim Minchin’s “Storm” animated movie, very funny)

Michael Shermer @michaelshermer (prominent skeptic)


By the way, some non-skepticism types I follow and enjoy are:

Amanda Palmer  @amandapalmer (musician and amazing person)

Neil Gaiman  @neilhimself (one of the best writers of our time, and married to Amanda Palmer)

Conan O’Brien @ConanOBrien

Rachel Maddow @maddow

Craig Ferguson @craigyferg

Stephen Colbert @stephenathome

Neil Patrick Harris @ActuallyNPH

Widgett Walls @widgett from, funny and smart)

Rox  @roxofspazhous (also from, artist, always surprising)

Richard Herring  @Herring1967 (British comedian)

Steven Moffat @steven_moffat (produces Dr. Who and Sherlock)

and the combo of Ruth Reichl @ruthreichl and the mystery person who parodies her tweets as Ruth Bourdain @ruthbourdain

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