Storm Exists

I’m back from vacation and taking James Thurber’s advice to heart:  Don’t get it right, just get it written.  I tend to forget I don’t have to be perfect every single minute of the day.

So today I was on Facebook again (I know, you’d think I would have learned) and I had an exchange with some women that made me think, “Wow, I thought Tim Minchin was exaggerating with his Storm character.  I was wrong.”

BTW, if you haven’t watched Tim Minchin’s Storm, do so immediately.  Please.  It’s really good.  And I got to see him perform it live, she gloated.

It started out with a woman posting that she disliked doctors who shut down when she says “no medicines.”  She thinks there are better ways.  I had to jump in, foolishly, with the fact that I would be dead without medicines.  I didn’t know which malady she had, but it turns out it was high blood pressure.  It’s not unreasonable to want to try life-style changes before you try medication, assuming you are not in imminent danger.  I have no problem with that at all.  Of course, you can eat a perfect diet, exercise, control your stress, and still have high blood pressure.  But so far, I’m not feeling too much Storm.  (Although she does have that tattoo….)

Then a friend jumped in to say most medicines cover up problems rather than curing them.  I’m not really sure what she meant by that.  Maybe she meant they treat problems rather than cure them?  If something isn’t curable (like AIDS or type 1 diabetes, for instance), surely it’s better to treat it than not.   She also said that people lived longer half a century ago.  Maybe in her alternate universe they did, but not in this one.  She also said that only fresh, real foods are safe.  I did not point out that e.coli is perfectly natural.

By the time I read about Dr. Oz’s advice, the benefits of raw food, illness stemming from negative feelings and the ever popular “chemicals are bad,”  I was ready to scream.  Or moan.  Whatever.  These are nice people, trying to help themselves and others, but they are so ignorant.

One last thing:  WE’RE MADE OF CHEMICALS.  What do you think water is?  Or air?

Excuse me while I go listen to “Storm” again to lower my blood pressure.  In a natural way.

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