Abundance of Riches

I’m back from the involuntary study of pain I’ve been pursuing, thanks to my fucked up back, and find an abundance of topics to blog about.  I’m trying not to let the blog become too political, but it’s tough to ignore people like Newt and Arnold (who I will forever after refer to as The Sperminator.)

There was also the last launch of Endeavour (British spelling, spellchecker!) and the piece on wandering planets.  Doesn’t that sound lonely, poor emo planets wandering listlessly through space?  There’s also some gorgeous new photos of space to enjoy. 

I know it’s mean to make fun of people with mental illness, but it is so tempting sometimes.  Like now.  I am really hoping the Rapture occurs on May 21 so we get rid of some of the religious nut jobs.  Unfortunately, if I understand it correctly, we’d only get rid of the Christian nut jobs, but it’s a start.  And I’m not implying that all Christians are nut jobs, just the ones that think they are going to fly naked into heaven on Saturday.  By the way, I’ve got dibs on my neighbor’s stuff if it turns out I’m wrong.

In further religious news, Stephen Hawking’s comment about heaven being a fairy tale has generated a flurry of outrage.  It was cool to see Stephen Hawking trending on Twitter.  I’ll probably blog about that.  And I’d like to write about The Friendly Atheist site, since I really enjoy it and learn a lot there.

In other science news, there’s the bees and cell phones controversy, the black women are less attractive nonsense and the Deepak Chopra response to Christopher Hitchens.  So many people to ridicule….  Life is good.

But I think I’ll start with a piece on logical fallacies because I read something that is an excellent example of how NOT to make an argument.  Stay tuned.

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