Stuff I Hate–Racism

Okay, duh, most people hate racism.  At least I hope it’s most people.  Sometimes I’m not so sure.  This rant is brought to you by the wonderful website Pharyngula, which posted a piece about the results of a poll taken two weeks ago in Mississippi.

 (The 1950 in the URL is a joke–kind of.  The poll really was taken March 24-27, 2011.)

Public Policy Polling asked 400 Mississippi Republicans if they thought interracial marriage should be legal or illegal, among other questions.  40% said it should be legal, 46% said it should be illegal, the rest were undecided.  Just to be clear, the question wasn’t whether they approved of it, it was whether it should be LEGAL.  The error rate is given as plus or minus 4.9%. 

Here’s a link to the actual results:

This really astounded me, even though that probably makes me look naive.  Yes, I expect more racism in Republicans, and it is Mississippi, one of the most conservative states in the country.  But I was still shocked.  I’m hoping this was an anomaly or the poll was seriously flawed. 

It is 2011.  Isn’t it?  Of all the things to hate someone for, or deny them equal treatment for, isn’t race just silly?   The color of someone’s skin says very little about them, certainly less than their taste in books or their career.   Since we now know that there’s really no such thing as race (except as a social construct) and we’re all really Africans, since that’s most likely where Homo sapiens evolved, this makes the news even more incomprehensible.

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