Stuff I Love–Learning

I am not good at sports, nor am I interested in them.  I am not creative, unfortunately.  I like to sing, but I have a voice best suited for a large choir.  I played the flute, but badly.  I can barely draw a stick figure.  But what I can do, and what excites me, is learning.

Some of my earliest memories are of learning, specifically about nature in our Florida back yard and about babies and what they could and could not do.  (This did not include learning about where babies came from.  At that point I believed my parents when they told me that “When you want a baby you pray, and God gives you one.”)  I was very disappointed to find out that my baby sister did not talk, rightly deducing this would limit our ability to communicate with each other.

I have always loved learning and once that sister was old enough to sit in a chair and talk, I was corralling her into being the pupil in my school.  I don’t think she appreciated the lesson planning I did, but I did learn a lot.  I always excelled in school, but that is sometimes different from actual learning.  I think I was good at school skills like test-taking and writing papers, but I also loved to read and find out new things.  

My education did not end with my college degree.  I have followed different passions and taught myself everything I could about those subjects.  I find it very exciting to squeeze every bit of knowledge out of a topic.  There’s something especially thrilling about discovering things I had no idea about before, like quantum mechanics. 

I hope I’ll always feel this way about exploring new ideas and I know that I’ll never run out of things I don’t know.  I find that comforting.

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