Stuff I Love–

This is a great site that keeps you updated on what’s going on in space.

It has info on sunspots, solar flares, satellite flybys, auroras, and near miss asteroids as well as other fascinating sky stuff.  They frequently post gorgeous photos, too. 

There are two very cool stories up right now.  One is about sunspots causing radio noise.  Yes, you can listen to sunspots.  There’s also an amazing close-up photo of the sun that was taken yesterday. 

The other piece is about a moonbow that was captured in a photo in Hawaii.  A moonbow is the same as a rainbow, but the moon provides the light that reflects off the raindrops. The picture is breath-taking, with the stars visible in the sky and the colors of the moonbow distinct (moonbows often appear white because it’s hard to see color in low light.)  As if that isn’t enough, it is a double moonbow–the awesomeness is nearly overwhelming.

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