Stuff I Love–Andy Burnette

There was an article yesterday in our local newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, by Andy Burnette.  Mr. Burnette is a pastor at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church in Danville. 

Mr. Burnette was writing in response to the constitutional amendment that will prohibit gay marriage and civil unions in our state.  It has passed the House and will almost certainly pass the Senate.  Republican State Senator Dennis Kruse said, “The basic unit is the family and I think the cornerstone is a marriage of a man and a woman and having children and I think that is the main thrust here to protect that unit that is basic to our society and all other societies since Adam and Eve was created.”

Mr. Burnette contends that you can be a person of faith and believe in equal rights for all people.  He says that when Jesus talked about deciding who is true follower he “…doesn’t ask a single question about belief or theology or bedroom behaviors.  He only asks, were you kind to people?  Did you show love when you had the power to choose not to?”  That’s a philosophy that even heathens like I am can get behind.

He dismisses the “preserving the sanctity of marriage” argument by pointing out that there are only six Bible verses about same-sex relationships but more than twice that number prohibiting divorce.  

Thank you, Mr. Burnette, for reminding me not to stereotype Christians and thank you for standing up for what is right.

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